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XBB OBD CanBus control car parts

XBB OBD CanBus control car parts

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Description: XBB OBD Dongle & PowerUnit is an innovative high beam relay and control unit that can receive the high beam signal for the high beam wirelessly from the OBD-II port of the car. This device is especially suitable for newer vehicles equipped with LED or Xenon high beams and a CanBus system. On such vehicles, it is not possible to take power for the additional lights directly from the vehicle's high beam power cable.


  1. Easy connection: No need to look for CAN-bus cables in the engine compartment or inside the car.
  2. Does not affect the car's electrical system: Avoids generating error codes and warranty violations because it does not affect the car's electrical system.
  3. Wireless connection: Simplifies the installation process, especially for multiple lighting functions.
  4. Smartphone Setup: Offers a user-friendly setup process via a smartphone app, making installation quick and easy, often completed in minutes.
  5. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, offering flexibility for different users.

Technical data and features:

  • Nimipinge: 12 / 24V
  • Operating voltage: 9-36V
  • Current consumption in sleep mode: 3-5.4 mA (OBD Dongle), 4-5.3 mA (PowerUnit)
  • Maximum load: 180W @ 12V (PowerUnit)
  • Protection class: IP53 (PowerUnit)
  • Weight and dimensions: 27 g, 30 x 50 x 30 mm (W/H/D) (PowerUnit)
  • Warranty: 12 months

The XBB OBD Dongle receives the high beam signal directly from the OBD port and sends this information wirelessly to the relay (PowerUnit), which then controls the current of the auxiliary lights. The device can be controlled via the XBB app, which is available for Android & IOS phones and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Appstore. The set can be purchased together with the Dongle & PowerUnit or as a complete set, which, in addition to the relay, also includes the XBB Smart Button, which allows additional lights to be controlled via Bluetooth.

Installation instructions:

The XBB Dongle is connected to the car's OBD port and the PowerUnit relay is installed in the car's engine compartment, preferably as close as possible to the Dongle for optimal response time. Connections are made to the positive and negative terminals of the car battery or other power source. When installing the kit, follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that all connections are made correctly and securely.


The XBB OBD Dongle & PowerUnit is designed to control additional lights on vehicles where the standard relay connection does not work due to the Canbus system. It offers a flexible and wireless solution for connecting and controlling additional lights. Anyone who can read a manual and make electrical connections can handle it. The big advantage is simplicity, compared to competitors' products, you have to look for the CanH and CanL wires on these products, and make a connection there by cutting the wires, you also have to remove some panels to find these cables in the car, which in turn requires more knowledge. However, with this system, installation is simple and significantly faster. No need to run any cables through the firewall, no need to cut any vehicle cables and remove panels.  

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