belongs to the company Senne OÜ with Estonian capital, and our main activity is the sale and installation of flashing lights, sirens and warning lights.

With our activities, we want to improve Estonian traffic safety with professionally installed reliable warning lights on operational vehicles and work machines, using a professional technician in our work. Our technician has completed automotive engineering training and has extensive knowledge in the field of operative engineering.

Installation service

Indicator lights, flashing lights and sirens

Our product range includes only the best operative equipment manufacturers, which gives us the opportunity for a very good professional solution.

All products offered by us have a 2-year warranty!

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Additional lights

PureLux high beam and work lights bring you insane power and quality. Upgrade your vehicle with PureLux quality lights, made in Sweden!

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Experience is the strength of our team, so you can be sure that our installations are made to the highest quality and meet all safety standards. Rebuilding your vehicle to your specifications is one of our specialties, so you can be sure that your vehicle is made exactly to your needs and desires.

Emergency vehicles

Fitting emergency vehicles and road maintenance vehicles is a particular strength of ours as it helps ensure the safety and visibility of your vehicle. All of our installations are done quickly and efficiently so you can get your vehicle up and running as soon as possible.

Quality over quantity

We take the customer's wishes and vision into account in every way, but at the same time we also have enough ideas for the best final solution. In this kind of work, quality is of significant importance in order to avoid damage to the vehicle caused by negligence and lack of knowledge.

All installation work comes with a 2-year warranty!

Modern working methods

Different working methods develop and we along with them! We use several innovative technical solutions in the installation work - one good example is 3D printing, which gives us the opportunity to install all indicator lights at 90° to the ground, which ensures the best efficiency of the lights. It is also possible to create special sockets for the switches, reducing the needless drilling of holes.