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Build your own flashing panel

Build your own flashing panel

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According to the customer's request, we can assemble flashing panels of different lengths. They can range from 55 cm to 200 cm and be single, double, triple or even multi-colored. Flasher panels can include work lights on the front, back and sides, and can have traffic control, brake, edge or direction lights. Lower and higher variants are available. We also offer flashing panels with sirens. There are over 200 options, but to enter them all on this website would be too complicated and in fact an impractical task.

If you require a quality Redtronic or Haztech flashing panel, please contact us and describe your need, including where you will be using and what length of flashing panel you require. We will send you flashing panel details and price in PDF format, specially assembled according to your needs.

We are committed to providing you with the best solution and quality flash panel to meet your requirements.

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