Our expert team is dedicated to taking your vehicle's visibility to the next level, ensuring that it not only meets all safety standards, but also helps you stand out in traffic. Our approach to blinker installation is primarily focused on optimizing vehicle visibility and safety, but we don't forget about style and professionalism. If your vision is to make your vehicle safer to meet your exact needs, our team is ready to listen and make your wishes come true. We work hand-in-hand with you to install products that not only exceed your expectations, but also exceed all safety standards.

Emergency vehicles

If you are looking for a reliable installation service for emergency vehicles, we have just what you need. Our board member, with years of experience as an emergency vehicle driver, volunteer rescuer and flight rescuer, knows exactly what emergency vehicles need. He understands that safety is paramount and that emergency vehicles should not be compromised. In our projects, things are not just randomly put in place; every detail is carefully thought out to ensure the easiest and most efficient working environment for managers. uses only the highest quality materials in its installations to avoid situations where alarm systems do not work correctly, thus ensuring a quick and efficient response to any events.

Yellow flashing lights

Amber blinkers often play a critical role in ensuring your safety. Our installation service takes into account not only the type of vehicles, but also their main field of use and location. This ensures that we select the indicator lights and turn signals for your vehicle that best suit your needs. It is important to consider both power, size and light intensity, as these factors can be decisive in resolving the situation.

  • Installation of flashing lights, warning lights and sirens

    Our wish would be to improve traffic safety in Estonia through high-quality installed warning lights for operational vehicles and work machines, and this together with highly professional and reliable equipment in this segment.

  • Installation of working and main lights

    According to the customer's request, we can install work lights or front high beams on vehicles, and we can also integrate indicator lights and work lights into one, using two-color LED lights on the indicator lights. Ask for more details!

  • Installation of special solutions

    According to the customer's wishes, we can also install in vehicles, for example: radio stations, inverters, computers, screens, etc. Our technician has completed automotive engineering training and has extensive knowledge in the field of operative engineering.

The task of warning lights and flashing lights is to draw attention to yourself and in this way increase the safety of you and other road users, so that you can get home safely in the evening.

There are a lot of inefficient products and unprofessional installation work on the market.

Security must not be a place for savings! Choose fast, high-quality and affordable work.

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